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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
91.    To HORACE MANN.
(From Houghton.)
YE patriots, who twenty long years Have struggl'd our rights to maintain ;
View the end of your labours and fears, And see them all ended in vain.
Behold !  in the front stands your Hero, Behind him his patriot train ;
Hear him rail at a tyrant and Nero; Yet his railing all ended in vain.
Then see him attack a Convention, And calling for vengeance on Spain ;
What pity such noble contention And spirit should end all in vain!
That the Place-bill he got for the nation, Was only a shadow, is plain;
For now 'tis a clear demonstration That substance is ended in vain.
His bloody and horrible vow,
Which once gave the Courtiers such pain, No longer alarums them now,
For his threats are all ended in vain.
What though the Committee have found, That Orford 's a traitor in grain;
Yet wiser than they may compound, And justice be ended in vain.